Dr. Erika La Vella, co-founder Art of Bariatrics

Dr. La Vella is transitioning all of her work to artofbariatrics.com. This website will no long be available starting March 2024.

Heal the root-cause of obesity with comprehensive gut health. The connection between the brain and the gut is bidirectional. Everything you’ve ever experienced shapes your perception of reality, and if your brain senses a threat, your gut senses a threat. Getting real with your nervous system is at the root of getting well in the gut.

Dr. Erika La Vella

Part 1 Primordial Paradigm

Overview of the autonomic nervous system and the microbiome. Review landmark research regarding behavior and gut bacteria.

Part 2 Primordial Paradigm

Going further with the microbiome and its development. Learn how diet and lifestyle and early childhood events effect the microbiome and immunity

Part 3 Primordial Paradigm

Learn about the autonomic nervous system. Its purpose, its development, and the impact early life experiences and trauma effect the gut.

Part 4 Primordial Paradigm

Review landmark research showing how stress affects the gut and immune system

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