Primordial Paradigm

Part 3

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside the absence of an empathetic witness.

– Peter Levine

Hey there, gut lovers! 

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you still have gut issues even though you are eating a top-notch diet?

The reality is we aren’t only what we eat, we are all of our cumulative experiences that shape our nervous system.

So ask yourself? How is your nervous system responding throughout the day? How do you feel when you eat? How do you feel about the traffic when you drive? How do you feel when someone criticizes you? The list of experiences is endless.

You can train yourself to pay attention. You can heal these parts of yourself.

Part 3 of the Primordial Paradigm tells the story of the powers of the autonomic nervous system. Our ability to respond to any given situation with alertness and the ability to protect ourselves is a gift and sometimes, the wires get crossed telling our bodies a narrative that no longer serves its purpose.

Watch Part 3 to learn more!

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